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Legal Relief For Serious Side Effects Of Elmiron

Elmiron is a prescription treatment for conditions such as interstitial cystitis and osteoarthritis. For years, patients relied on this medication to improve their quality of life. However, some patients are connecting the dots between Elmiron and the development of serious eye conditions.

When Texas patients discover a major risk of their medication, our attorneys at The Leigh Law Firm take swift action. If you took Elmiron regularly and now suffer blindness or vision impairment, call us. We can review your medical records and your options for legal recovery.

Some Patients Have Alleged Vision Loss

According to studies of Elmiron in recent years, undisclosed side effects may include:

  • Maculopathy and macular degeneration
  • Discoloration and dark spots on the retina
  • Blood vessel eye damage
  • Lesions in the back of the eye
  • Visual distortion, including blurry vision, “halo” vision and poor night vision
  • Scotoma, which is a partial vision loss or blind spot

These side effects could change patients’ lives. Patients may no longer be able to continue their careers, drive, read or see the faces of their loved ones. In some cases, the damage may be irreversible. Vision loss is a serious issue, which is why our dedicated trial attorneys value securing as much compensation as possible for our clients.

Proper Labeling Must Include Side Effects

Drug manufacturers must be sure to carefully study the side effects of their products. They must then warn patients of these possible serious side effects. When a drug label does not include a warning for a crucial problem that was identified in research, the manufacturer may be liable for patients’ related injuries or illnesses.

When manufacturers fail to disclose information about dangerous drugs to consumers, we have the knowledge to hold them accountable for the damage those medications cause. Our team is experienced with dangerous product lawsuits. We can pursue compensation for corrective eye surgery, medical tests, lost income and other types of damages.

Get An Attorney’s Advice

At The Leigh Law Firm, we understand how emotionally, physically and financially difficult it is to suffer from serious vision loss. To learn more about Elmiron lawsuits and your chances of success, call 281-816-5906 or email us today. Based in The Woodlands, we are here to help you.