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Insurance Claims For Business Issues Due To Coronavirus

Businesses regularly face a degree of risk, but no event in recent years has posed the level of risk that the novel coronavirus has. COVID-19 is changing the economy and the way that businesses operate.

In a time of uncertainty and stress, Texas business owners can depend on The Leigh Law Firm. We carefully consider the terms of business interruption insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, general liability coverage and other types of policies. When you have questions about how to manage your business losses, we are ready to find answers.

A Thorough Review Of Your Policy

Business insurance policies may cover a variety of needs and problems, such as:

  • Employment and workers’ compensation: Employees may contract COVID-19 due to exposure at work.
  • Certain forms of property damage: Business interruption insurance may cover property losses related to coronavirus, fires, natural disasters and government closures.
  • Supply chain difficulties: Third parties may contribute to manufacturing or shipping delays of product. Contingent business interruption insurance may cover related losses.
  • General liability and fiscal performance: If a customer, supplier, shareholder or another party sues a business for negligence related to the pandemic, liability coverage may ease the associated costs.

Because the COVID-19 virus is new, policies may lack explicit details about the unique problems in this pandemic. The specific wording of your policy is critical to understand as these new challenges arise. Our attorneys can examine the details of your policy’s provisions, the law and your circumstances to determine the most strategic path forward.

Aggressive Assistance For Claims

Approval of an insurance claim could make the difference that allows a business to survive the next few months despite revenue losses and logistics issues. Denial of a claim, in some cases, may force a business to shut down permanently.

Claim denial could occur for a variety of reasons, including improper filing, shifting government policies or issues with multiple commercial insurance policies. Furthermore, the insurance industry is in flux. Therefore, it is important to seek professional guidance before submitting a claim to your insurer.

We will promptly advocate for you if your insurer rejects a valid claim under your policy. Our lawyers are assertive when our clients’ livelihoods and business operations are at stake. We have extensive knowledge of insurance matters – including how to enforce clients’ entitlements to compensation.

Secure Protection For Your Business

The economic and legal landscape is evolving daily in the wake of the coronavirus. Business insurance claims may offer relief.

From supporting local business owners in The Woodlands to advising companies throughout the state, The Leigh Law Firm is determined to help our clients overcome threats. Call 281-816-5906 or email us to schedule a consultation.