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Wrongful Death Archives

How often are surgical objects left inside patients?

Remember that commercial in which surgeons are apologizing to a patient for leaving a cell phone inside him? It kind of funny, right? It might surprise Texans to learn that there are thousands of similar incidents each year. They may not involve cell phones, but they do involve objects that certainly do not belong there.

What is statute of limitations for a wrongful death action?

Unexpectedly losing a loved one in The Woodlands can leave a massive void in your life. The hope is that with the passage of time, the emotional wounds that you and others affected by his or her death experienced will begin to heal. Those may become ripped open once again, however, if you later discover that his or her death was due to another's negligence. If and when this happens, you may certainly fill justified in seeking compensation for your loss. Yet can you? 

Wrongful death related to a medical procedure

The hospitals and medical centers in and around The Woodlands are staffed by skilled doctors and surgeons who stand ready to offer whatever lifesaving intervention you or your loved one's may need. Yet these providers are not infallible (as many of those that we here at The Leigh Law Firm have worked with in the past have discovered). Yet you still likely go into any medical or surgical procedure facing a friend or family member fully expecting there to be no complications. If there are (and your loved one does not survive them), is wrongful death lawsuit an option open to you and others he or she left behind? 

Survival actions explained

If your spouse, parent or child has been injured due to another's negligent actions (or inactions), you may be justified in pursuing compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Similar action may be warranted in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit if the aforementioned party's negligence results in your loved one's death. If, in the former scenario, you initiated legal action before your loved one died, does that differentiate your case from the latter? Several of those that we here at the Leigh Law Firm have worked with in The Woodlands have asked that very same question. 

Texas fatal car accidents could spawn criminal charges

Every motorist in Texas is obligated to operate a vehicle according to safety and traffic regulations. Cautious driving and adherence to traffic laws helps travelers avoid collisions and maintain roadway safety. Unfortunately, not all who take to the road comply with traffic regulations. In fact, fatal car accidents are frequently caused by reckless drivers.

Texas fatal accidents sometimes lead to legal actions

It is difficult to imagine something more devastating than learning a loved one has suffered an untimely death in a car accident. When a collision is the result of another motorist's negligence, the grief becomes exacerbated. Some Texas fatal accidents result in victims' immediate family members filing legal claims in civil court on their loved ones' behalves.

Texas fatal accidents sometime caused by failure to yield

Texas is one of the largest states in the union. On a daily basis, highways are filled with thousands of motorists, all obligated to adhere to traffic and safety regulations for the common good of all travelers. Driver negligence and recklessness often lead to collisions; something as seemingly minor as failing to yield a right-of-way can cause fatal accidents.

Family grieves loss of daughter, files wrongful death lawsuit

A recent tragedy occurred in Texas when a motor vehicle and a school bus collided. The bus was sent sailing over an overpass, resulting in two deaths and injuries to several others. The parents of one of the students who died have chosen to file a wrongful death claim in a civil court as they grieve the loss of their daughter. They have publicly stated that they believe the accident could have been prevented.

Seeking legal guidance in Texas after fatal accidents

Facing the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one is certainly one of life's great sorrows. Fatal accidents can leave surviving family members reeling, emotionally and financially. It is sometimes difficult to know where to turn for help when facing any number of issues that might arise concerning the death and the accident that caused it. In Texas, there are experienced legal professionals available to offer guidance and support to those in need with regard to filing wrongful death claims in court.

Texas fatal accidents cause grief and sorrow for many

A horrific tragedy occurred on a recent Tuesday night, leaving two persons dead and at least six others injured. Fatal accidents can leave long-lasting emotional scars on other victims who do survive, as well as the families and friends who mourn the loss of their loved ones. In the recent crash, four vehicles were involved. A teenage driver is thought to be responsible for the collision.