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Wrongful Death Archives

Drunk driver causes crash that proves fatal

Accident sites are notorious locations for additional accidents. People may slow down to look at what happened and cause a crash while rubbernecking, or drivers may drive too fast through the area and cause an accident in another way. A drunk driver could also contribute to another incident. Unfortunately, too many additional accidents happen after initial crashes, and the outcomes can be even worse than the initial incident.

Fatal drunk driving crashes could lead to wrongful death claim

The decision to drink and drive is seldom made with any evil intentions. Unfortunately, when one is impaired by alcohol or other intoxicating substances, it may be nearly impossible to make correct split-second decisions to avoid causing a horrific car accident. Sadly, those who lose loved ones in a Texas car accident under these preventable circumstances may have to resort to filing a wrongful death civil suit in order to recover some of the financial damages that have been inflicted.

How can I recover from the loss of my spouse?

Losing a spouse is never easy, but it's especially difficult when your loved one's death resulted from someone else's negligent actions. Along with the many practical and legal considerations following the death of a spouse, you'll also have to navigate complex emotions during the grieving process. To help you on your journey, Very Well Mind offers the following advice. 

Medical mistakes can have fatal consequences

Medical mistakes at hospitals and healthcare clinics can have grave consequences, according to In fact, a recent study showed that medical errors are the third-leading cause of death among Americans, coming in behind heart disease and cancer. Approximately 250,000 people die every year as a result of medical errors, and these deaths occur for a multitude of reasons.

When a loved one passes away due to a medication

In recent years, many people have taken prescription drugs, as well as medication that is sold over the counter, for various health problems. Unfortunately, these drugs often carry a number of side effects, including side effects which may not have been disclosed. From new drugs that have not been thoroughly evaluated to negligent drug manufacturers, there are a variety of reasons why these drugs can be dangerous. Sadly, many people have passed away as a result of defective drugs or other problems related to medication that they took, while many others have suffered serious injuries that have disrupted their lives.

How can I move on after a loss?

Losing someone you love to a negligent or careless act is devastating. As a result, it can be difficult to deal with the grieving process after such a loss, especially when the person was an immediate family member, such as a spouse or a child. The Mayo Clinic offers the following advice on how to best cope with grief after a personal loss. The first step is to accept that the grieving process is completely normal. 

Is drinking while boating dangerous?

With summer finally here, boaters are excited to get out on the water and spend ample time in the sun. Some boaters will also indulge in alcohol aboard their vessels, which can lead to serious injuries with sometimes life-threatening consequences. The Boat U.S. Foundation explains how drinking alcohol while boating can endanger your life and the lives of other boaters. 

When can you file a wrongful death claim in Texas?

If you have suffered the loss of your spouse due to a motor vehicle collision in Texas or another such accident, you may be left grief-stricken and struggling with several challenges. Although it cannot bring your loved one back, you may consider filing a wrongful death claim seeking financial compensation. Therefore, it may be of benefit to understand the cause of action for such cases.

Can I sue for wrongful death if I am not related to the person?

Wrongful death laws vary greatly from state to state. When you can file this type of lawsuit suit and whether you can file the suit at all depends on the law of your state. In Texas, the right to file for wrongful death, according to the Texas Constitution and Statutes, is only available to close relatives.