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Spinal Cord Injuries Archives

Some Texas spinal cord injuries caused by gun violence

Gun violence is an ongoing problem in Texas and throughout the United States. Some streets/neighborhoods prove more dangerous than others. Suffering a gunshot wound can lead to severe spinal cord injuries, as well as other serious bodily harm. Many times, a victim who survives gun violence needs medical care and living assistance for the rest of his or her life.

Spinal cord injury may be blamed for Texas football player death

Autumn is a season when local high school stadium seats are filled with cheering fans as football players attempt to achieve victories for their teams. Parents, friends and other community members enjoy supporting high school athletics. However, one game in Texas recently ended in tragedy after a player had to be hospitalized. Could a fatal spinal cord injury be to blame?

VA center installs new machines for spine injury patients

In a veterans' medical center northeast of Texas, a federal credit union has teamed up with administration staff members to accommodate certain patients who have injured spinal cords. The recent project came after it was brought to the attention of credit union officials that a veteran with a spine injury might have difficulty accessing ATM machines in the building. The chairman of the Spinal Cord Injury Resident Council led the credit union's senior vice president on a tour to illustrate the point.

Texas spinal cord injury victims might choose to seek legal help

People in Texas who are seriously injured due to the negligence of others often face long-term complications that impede their ability to enjoy life. A spinal cord injury is one such type of serious injury, which can lead to loss of motor function, organ dysfunction and/or paralysis. It might be of comfort to those facing such circumstances to know that there are legal professionals in the area who have more than 14 years of experience helping clients obtain compensation through verdicts and settlements in spinal cord injury-related cases.

Some Texas spinal cord injuries occur during sporting events

In Texas and throughout the United States, sports fans everywhere enjoy filling the stands to root for their favorite teams. For parents, sporting events can turn to tragedy when young athletes suffer spinal cord injuries or other debilitating harm. A recent article discussed some new procedures that athletic trainers across the nation will soon implement when a player gets hurt.

Spinal cord injuries sometimes require long-term treatment

Texas residents are sometimes involved in motor vehicle accidents or mishaps in the workplace that result in traumatic injury. Those who suffer spinal cord injuries often suffer myriad adverse effects, including possible paralysis, organ damage or loss of motor skills. The recovery process can be wrought with tremendous hardships as one attempts to regain mobility and quality of life.

Athlete with spinal cord injury remains in ICU

In a state north of Texas, a young athlete continues to recover from a catastrophe he suffered during a recent incident. The hockey player suffered a spinal cord injury when he reportedly crashed into a portion of the ice rink during a championship playoff game. Though he remains hospitalized in an intensive care unit, updated information lists him in stable condition .

Robotics have potential to help Texas spinal cord injury victims

When a person reports for a day at work or sets out to run errands in his or her vehicle and ends up suffering an unexpected debilitating injury, the aftermath of such an incident can be quite devastating. Texas residents who have suffered a spinal cord injury might be interested in a brand new technology that has received much positive feedback. Some who were told they would most likely never walk again are standing and taking steps thanks to the new equipment.

Texas gym-goers should be on alert for spinal cord injuries

Pilates is a form of exercise that is sweeping the nation. Through specific movements, participants strive to improve strength and flexibility, as well as heightened mental awareness. Texas residents considering this trend should be on the alert for potential spinal cord injuries, as one woman claims to have suffered an injury after a class.

Truck driver suffers back injury in Texas collision

Anyone who has suffered an injury knows that some injuries heal better than others. It is often said that once a person suffers a back injury, his or her back is never the same. Hopefully, this will not be the case for a truck driver whose back was injured in a recent Texas collision.