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motor vehicle accidents Archives

How can I prevent a car accident from occurring?

Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility. Accordingly, it’s important to know what steps you can take to prevent an accident from occurring in Texas. Consumer Reports offers advice on how to mitigate your risk of accident when on the road, thereby preserving the safety of yourself and other drivers.

How many lives are lost because of distracted driving?

Many different behaviors can be deadly on the road, such as operating a vehicle while intoxicated and ignoring speed limits. Distracted driving is another serious problem and some people do not realize how widespread and deadly it really is. Moreover, some drivers do not even realize that they become distracted behind the wheel from time to time, whether they use their cell phone, try to read a map, change the radio station, use a GPS or even talk with someone else in the car. It is crucial for drivers to avoid any distractions that could lead to a fatal crash.

Are car crashes one of the main causes of death among teens?

If you are the parent of a teenager, you may be worried about your child’s safety for various reasons. For example, you may be concerned about them getting into a fight or passing away due to drug or prescription medication abuse. However, traffic accidents are particularly problematic and have claimed the lives of far too many young people in the U.S. As a parent, it is important for you to understand how widespread these fatalities really are.

Why are more people killed in nighttime car accidents?

Navigating the roads of Texas can be challenging during daylight hours. Yet when the sun goes down, you may still need to run errands, travel home from work or go out with friends. According to the National Safety Council, the risk of becoming involved in a car accident while driving at night is substantially higher than while driving during the day. Although it is important to be fully alert when driving during daylight hours, it is even more crucial that you pay attention to the road and others around when driving at night.

Responsibililty for drunk driving extends beyond driver

When a person in Texas chooses to drink alcoholic beverages and then drive, they are consciously putting themselves and other people at risk. When this drinking takes place in a restaurant or bar where other people are involved in serving alcohol to those who may ultimately be driving, one cannot help but consider the potential role these restaurant and bar employees have in any accident that may ultimately take place.

Two-car collision kills Fort Worth woman

Almost everyone in The Woodlands can likely remember the first time they sat behind the wheel of a car as a brand new driver. Those who have gained significant driving experience since that time may be able to attest to the fact with the benefit of hindsight, they can now see how green they truly were in terms of driving ability in those early days. The only way for new drivers to gain the skills they need to become capable motorists is to drive. The risks their inexperience poses may simply be something that others on the road must accept. 

How can cognitive distraction cause car accidents?

If you are like many motorists in Texas and throughout the United States, you often have your cellphone close by while you are driving. Studies show, however, that talking on your cellphone while behind the wheel is extremely dangerous, even if you are using a hands-free cellular device. In fact, any type of cognitive distraction puts drivers at risk of becoming involved in a major car accident.

Pollen and the risk of an accident

Motor vehicle crashes happen for all sorts of reasons, including excessive speeds, the use of alcohol, and ignoring other traffic safety laws. However, other less common risk factors may also lead to a crash, such as seasonal allergies. For some people, the idea of allergies causing a motor vehicle accident may sound farfetched, but for those who struggle with severe seasonal allergies, the dangers may be very clear. Unfortunately, crashes turn lives upside down regardless of the cause or a driver's intentions. Worse, it can be hard to pinpoint allergies as the cause of an accident, but victims deserve justice nonetheless.

Waco rollover crash seriously injures young girl

Most people traveling on the roads in and around The Woodlands share a relationship with those who are driving them. That relationship ship may lead them the place unequivocal trust in those driver's skills and abilities, leading them to feel a strong sense of safety. Unfortunately, that sense of safety may lead them to overlook certain elements both in and out of their control that could increase the chances of them being seriously injured should a car accident occur. Those elements may include everything from poor driving conditions to the decision not to wear a seat belt.