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defective drugs Archives

Defective drug: Recalled thyroid drug could have harmful effect

Patients in Texas often rely on necessary medicine to manage chronic conditions. Without it, their quality of life could drastically decrease, or, in extreme cases, they could die. It is also crucial that their medicine works as it is meant to as defective drugs can be just as dangerous as not taking a drug at all. In other cases, a drug could do irreparable harm by being mislabeled. This is the worry of Acella Pharmaceuticals, a drug company that recently issued a recall for a thyroid medication it produces that may contain more medicine than needed.

Defective drugs: Cough syrup took 2 months to recall

The vast majority of drugs sold to consumers here in Texas are safe to use. However, when defective drugs occasionally make it to market, people may get sick, injured or even lose their lives. The Food and Drug Administration exists to try and protect people from this sort of thing, but its power can only reach so far. For example, a recent warning issued by the FDA about a potentially-contaminated cough syrup should have resulted in a recall, but authorities say that did not occur. 

Defective drugs: Carcinogen found in drug for diabetics

When people here in Texas receive a prescription from a medical professional, they trust that it is safe to use. Most drugs do exactly what they are meant to do and help patients with whatever illness or medical condition they may have. Unfortunately, other drugs may contain something harmful, whether that is because of improper testing, contamination or some other reason. Those defective drugs can cause serious harm to the patients who use them. This is what some officials allege about a popular drug used to treat diabetes, saying it contains a probable carcinogen.

Defective drugs: Heartburn meds may cause cancer

When patients here in Texas are prescribed medicine from their doctors, they trust that it is safe to consume. However, there are times when even the doctor may not realize that the medication may be harmful to patients. Defective drugs can have serious consequences to the patients that use them, some of them life-altering. This is what some people may be experiencing after the Food and Drug Administration warned that three different heartburn medications may cause cancer.

Were you or your loved one injured by defective drugs?

Many corporations in Texas and across the country are prone to success because of their commitments to the bottom line. Many drug manufacturing companies are definitely not immune to this type of focus as a priority in the integral function of their businesses. Problems can arise, however, if consumer safety takes a backseat to a desire to generate profit. In this state and others, defective drugs have caused serious, sometimes fatal, injuries to people who were merely following their doctors' orders for prescription medication. 

Blood pressure medication poses cancer risk

According to CNN, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been investigating a class of drugs known as angiotensin II receptor blockers, which are prescribed to people with high blood pressure. It's believed that these drugs contain contaminants that are associated with increased cancer risk, and it's believed that even more tainted medications will be found during the course of the investigation. While initial reports began in 2010, the FDA failed to initiate its recall until July of last year. 

Are there risks when taking antidepressants?

Serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class of medications that are prescribed to treat problems with depression and anxiety. While they are effective in many cases, they're also associated with a wide range of side effects. Some of these side effects can be severe and life-threatening, which is why both patients and doctors must understand their risks in comparison to the benefits they offer. 

Contaminated blood pressure drugs linked to possible cancer risk

According to CNN, the search for contaminated blood pressure drugs continues even after initial recalls. These drugs, which are angiotensin II receptor blockers, have been found to contain a substance known as NDMA. While normally an ingredient in rocket fuel and pesticides, NDMA can also occur as a result of a chemical reaction. Manufacturing issues are thought to be the cause of this batch of recalls, which impacts millions of patients and involves drugs from many different companies. 

Are drug expiration dates important?

When faced with an expired drug, many people wonder whether it's necessary to discard the medication. After all, medicine can be expensive and you might not use all of it before it reaches its date of expiration. In this case, Harvard Health Publishing offers the following information on drug expirations and what they mean to consumers.