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Drowsy driving: falling asleep on safety behind the wheel

Almost every Texas adult driver would admit to driving while tired on occasion. Being a little sleepy while behind the wheel may be normal for most adults, but there are times when a driver is more than a little sleepy, but is actually too tired to drive safely. Drowsy driving is a significant, if not largely underestimated, threat to the well-being of all motorists. 

The challenges of recovering from an amputation injury

You may not remember losing your first tooth or getting your first haircut, but for many children, these moments are traumatic. Although these events are perfectly natural and rarely painful, the loss of part of their bodies is something children seem to understand as frightening and wrong.

New teen drivers endanger many during summer months

If you are hitting the road within the next few weeks, be aware that the kid next door may also be behind the wheel. You may have cheered when the neighbor got home with a shiny new Texas driver's license, but (admit it!) you probably shuddered a little, too. According to the latest research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, you have every reason to be concerned.

Your head injury may be much more serious than you assumed

Any type of impact to the head comes with certain risks and the possibility that long-term damage can occur. These types of injuries can be deceiving, however, and some Texas victims may find that what they originally thought to be a minor head injury is actually quite serious.