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Protect your teen during end-of-school-year activities

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Car Accidents |

As we head into the final weeks of the school year for teenagers, parents often have concerns over their children’s safety during prom and graduation festivities. While these activities can be fraught with dangers, there are ways to mitigate these hazards.

Read on to learn ways to keep your teens safer during the springtime traditions.

Take a firm position on underage drinking

Peer pressure is a powerful force. Teens can find it easier to toe the line and resist succumbing to entreaties from friends or dates to indulge in drinking or drug-taking when they can cite the parental punishments they will face upon getting caught.

Know the kids’ itinerary

Pre-prom events include dinners with friends and picture-taking in their prom finery. After-prom parties are also popular ways the teens like to wind the big night down. After graduation, parties and celebrations all over town can keep teens roaming the roads until daylight.

Insist on knowing their itineraries and getting updates on any deviations. Check and make sure that responsible and sober adults chaperone all after-prom parties and graduation celebrations.

Hire a limo or party bus for the kids

Groups of parents can share the bill for a chauffeured ride to and from the prom and after-prom events. Professional, commercial drivers are unlikely to risk their CDLs to allow underage drinking in their vehicles.

Make an agreement with your teens

In addition to sending your teen off with a charged cellphone and charger, establish with them that they can call you 24/7, from anywhere they may be, if they are impaired and cannot drive, if their date has been taking drugs or drinking alcohol or if they feel they are in danger.

If your teen was the one who got drunk, tell them that they will still face consequences for breaching the rules, but those will be addressed later when they are sober.

If the worst occurs

Despite your best intentions and even when teens heed all the rules, accidents can, and do, occur. Make sure that your teen receives medical attention and legal representation if their injuries were due to another driver’s negligence.