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3 common causes of truck accidents in America

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Truck accidents are among the worst kinds of accidents. Trucks tend to be much larger than other vehicles on the road, so when they collide with smaller cars and trucks, the damage can be significant.

There are a few common reasons why truck accidents happen, and it’s important to know about them to take steps to prevent them from occurring. Here are three of the most common causes and what you can do to avoid a crash.

  1. Poor vehicle maintenance

One of the first reasons that trucks get into crashes is because of poor vehicle maintenance. When tires aren’t replaced often enough or the brakes of a large semi aren’t working properly, the driver is much more likely to get into a crash.

To prevent crashes related to maintenance, all truck drivers should stick to federal regulations for regular maintenance schedules. Other drivers on the road should look at the trucks around them and give them space if they seem to be having a malfunction or are damaged.

  1. Tired drivers

Truck driver fatigue is a real problem on the roads in America. It’s believed that as many as 13% of all crashes caused by truck drivers can be linked to fatigue. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has Hours of Service rules to help keep fatigued drivers off the road.

Other drivers should call 911 or the police to report dangerous truck drivers who appear to be asleep or drowsy behind the wheel.

  1. Rushing to complete a job

A third reason for truck crashes is speeding. Some drivers are on tight schedules, so they’ll speed to try to get to their destination sooner. The problem with that is that large trucks are very heavy, so they take longer to slow down and stop. They are also harder to maneuver. If someone cuts off the driver or the driver has to stop suddenly for any reason, they could end up causing a crash.

These are three common reasons for truck accidents. If you see a dangerous truck driver, report them as soon as you can. You could help prevent a serious crash.