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What is the worst kind of car crash?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Car Accidents |

The factors that determine what the worst kind of car crash is will vary, but when all things are similar, the worst kind of crash to be involved in is a front-end collision. A front-end collision, also known as a head-on crash, is more dangerous because both vehicles may be traveling at speed when they collide.

Even a crash at lower speeds can be catastrophic because the velocity and force of both vehicles has to be considered. Instead of two cars colliding in the same direction at 30 mph, for example, two vehicles hit head-on with the force of around a 60 mph collision.

When both vehicles are the same, they absorb similar amounts of energy from the impact. If they aren’t similar in size and weight, the smaller of the vehicles is more likely to absorb most of the impact, which could be devastating to the people inside.

What can you do to minimize the risk of a head-on collision?

Head-on collisions can happen almost anywhere. A driver could cross the center line on a highway or two-way street and hit another person. A driver making a turn at an intersection could turn too wide and hit another driver. A head-on crash could also happen if a driver enters a one-way street from the wrong direction.

In any of these cases, the best way to avoid a crash is to focus on the road and to be sure that you are looking for others to make mistakes. If you see a vehicle up ahead is weaving in their lane as they approach, you can use your horn to try to get their attention or take action to maneuver out of the way.

Other steps you can take to avoid crashes like this include:

  • Avoiding using a phone when driving
  • Not drinking and driving or driving while impaired
  • Mapping out a route you’re familiar with that has less traffic

These are some ideas to help you avoid a crash. If you are hit by another driver, remember that you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim and seek compensation for any financial losses you suffer.