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Attentive drivers can save the lives of motorcyclists

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Firm News |

People on motorcycles are extremely vulnerable to injuries in the event of a collision with another vehicle. Even with helmets and other types of protective gear, an accident can have detrimental consequences for a biker. Sadly, many Texas motorcycle accidents are the result of the negligent and reckless actions of other motorists.

Drivers are responsible for sharing the road safely with other types of vehicles, including motorcycles. When drivers are attentive, they are more aware of their surroundings, and they are more likely to see a motorcycle, yield properly and react to hazards. Reducing distractions, driving safely and being attentive can make the roads safer for everyone.

What do you know about motorcycle accidents?

One of the main factors that play a role in many motorcycle accidents is that drivers often do not see bikes, or they are unable to accurately gauge how fast they are going. This makes it significantly more likely that a driver will pull out in front of a motorcycle, and the biker may not be able to stop fast enough to avoid sliding or hitting the car. Consider these other facts about motorcycle accidents:

  • As many as 40% of all motorcycle accidents take place at intersections.
  • A significant majority of accidents involving motorcycles also involve another vehicle – as many as 75%.
  • Estimates suggest that in as many as 66% of motorcycle-involved accidents, a driver failed to properly yield or was distracted.

Other factors that can increase the chance of a motorcycle accident include poor road conditions, debris in the road and more. Distracted driving is another issue, which causes major safety concerns and acts as one of the leading causes of all types of road collisions.

Drivers can do their part to keep the roads safe and avoid causing harm to bikers by minimizing distractions, looking carefully at intersections, giving bikers plenty of space and considering their obligation to share the road.

Injured bikers can seek help

Motorcycle collisions often result in serious or fatal injuries. If you are trying to pick up the pieces and move forward after an accident caused by another driver, you may have grounds for a civil claim. Texas personal injury laws allow victims of negligence or harmful actions to seek recourse that allows them to address their medical bills, financial losses and other types of damages.

If you believe that you have a valid case, it can help to start with a complete evaluation of your situation and explanation of all of the legal options available to you.