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Waco rollover crash seriously injures young girl

by | Jan 26, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most people traveling on the roads in and around The Woodlands share a relationship with those who are driving them. That relationship ship may lead them the place unequivocal trust in those driver’s skills and abilities, leading them to feel a strong sense of safety. Unfortunately, that sense of safety may lead them to overlook certain elements both in and out of their control that could increase the chances of them being seriously injured should a car accident occur. Those elements may include everything from poor driving conditions to the decision not to wear a seat belt. 

Both were present in an accident that recently occurred in Waco that left a young girl in seriously injured. She had been traveling with others when the vehicle that she was in rolled over. she immediately taken to a local hospital for treatment. Authorities say that not only was she not restrained when the accident occurred, but also that rain may have contributed to slick roads. The condition of the other vehicle occupants was not reported. 

Drivers are required to use prudence and good judgment when driving in poor conditions. A failure to do so could result in them facing liability issues. The same is true when they do not ensure that all of their passengers are wearing seatbelts (especially when those passengers are children). Despite any relationship that car accident victims or their families may share with the drivers involved, the negligence of those drivers may leave them with little choice but to pursue compensation. Those looking to do so may want to first seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney. 

Source: KWTX “Central Texas Girl, 6, seriously injured in rollover accident” Lopez, Ke’Sha, Jan. 24, 2018