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Even a minor Texas car accident can have a lasting effect

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Motorists understand that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle involves risk. Each driver is obligated to act in accordance with traffic and safety regulations in order to maintain safe travel routes. Texas is a busy place with hundreds of thousands of vehicles sharing roadways on a daily basis. When a car accident occurs, the effects can be both unexpected and long-lasting.

Even a minor collision can result in injury. Such injuries may require ongoing medical care and long-term therapy in recovery. This type of care often causes undue financial stress for victims who were unprepared for such expenses.

The law protects those who are injured through another party’s negligence by allowing them to file legal claims in civil court. The Leigh Law Firm is committed to representing clients who have been injured in collisions caused by negligence. Our diligent efforts often help clients obtain full recovery for their losses. We can seek compensation on behalf of clients for damages that may include medical bills, emotional pain and suffering, and loss of wages.

When you have suffered injury in a Texas car accident caused by another person’s negligence, you are entitled to have the financial burdens of such an incident alleviated by holding the responsible party legally accountable. Whether your situation involves a pedestrian incident, drunk driving collision or a crash involving a tractor trailer, we can conduct a thorough investigation into your claim to help you determine the maximum amount of recovery available for your losses. The Leigh Law Firm offers free initial consultations and is prepared to meet with clients at locations outside our office when they are unable to travel to meet with us.