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Multiple injuries suffered in motor vehicle accident in Texas

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Texas highways are full of traveling motorists every day. Often, construction zones and other area anomalies pose potential hazards and obstacles to moving traffic. A momentary lapse in judgment behind the wheel can result in collisions that wreak havoc upon a roadway. A recent motor vehicle accident resulted in multiple injuries that caused six people to become hospitalized.

Three trucks were involved in a crash just after 11 p.m. on a recent Sunday. Apparently, one truck driver decelerated as the vehicle approached a construction zone on the road. Moments later, another truck hit the rear of the one that had slowed down. A third truck is said to have swerved around the others in order to avoid another collision; that vehicle flipped over onto its side.

Eastbound traffic lanes were closed for several hours after the incident. Six people were hospitalized as a result of the injuries they suffered in the crash. One of those injured was the driver of the third truck. The others were passengers in his vehicle.

Depending upon the severity of an injury suffered in a motor vehicle accident in Texas, a surviving victim may be met with undue financial burdens due to medical bills, loss of wages and other costs associated with a crash. In such circumstances, the law provides for those who suffer by allowing them to seek compensation for damages by filing personal injury claims in civil court. If another party’s negligence is determined to have been a causal factor in a collision, then the court may award compensation that can be used to help offset accident expenses.

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