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Family grieves loss of daughter, files wrongful death lawsuit

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Wrongful Death |

A recent tragedy occurred in Texas when a motor vehicle and a school bus collided. The bus was sent sailing over an overpass, resulting in two deaths and injuries to several others. The parents of one of the students who died have chosen to file a wrongful death claim in a civil court as they grieve the loss of their daughter. They have publicly stated that they believe the accident could have been prevented.

The woman, whose daughter was killed in the tragic accident, said that she now wishes she would have listened to her daughter’s frequent complaints that her school bus driver was not a good driver. The girl’s mother said that her daughter would often complain that the bus driver could not speak English and would take different routes, causing her to arrive home at a late hour. According to the parents who will soon file the wrongful death claim, they believe both drivers to be responsible for their daughter’s death.

The legal claim will also assert that the guardrail (which the bus crashed through before going over the overpass) was defective; therefore, the lawsuit will name the manufacturer of the guardrail as a defendant in the case. The father of the deceased student said that he and his wife have been very disappointed at the lack of compassion and personal contact they have experienced from the local school authorities. No one has even called to express their condolences, the father said.

In similar cases in Texas, a successfully litigated wrongful death case can lead to court-awarded compensation that can be used to help offset funeral costs, pay medical bills for treatment that might have been rendered prior to death and help alleviate any number of other expenses associated with an accident. An immediate family member may act on behalf of a decedent in court. A first step to take when considering filing a legal claim is to contact a personal injury lawyer in the area to schedule an appointment for consultation.

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