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Wrong-way driver in Texas causes rise in fatal accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2015 | Wrongful Death |

The fun and celebrations of the holiday season came to an abrupt halt for one family on a recent Tuesday night. A devastating collision, the second of fatal accidents along the same stretch of Texas roads in the past three years, took several lives. Relatives who had been anticipating a joyful Christmas found themselves in a state of mourning instead.

The deadly crash occurred on Interstate 30. A wrong-way driver was heading east in a westbound lane near Beach Street. Three miles earlier, witnesses had reported the driver to authorities. Unfortunately, that did not prove to be enough time to stop her before she slammed head-on into a vehicle which was headed in the proper westbound direction of the lane.

It has been reported that the 22-year-old female driver heading the wrong way had no passengers in her car. She died at the site of the accident. Tragically, the driver of the other vehicle was a young 18-year-old woman who was expecting a child. Both she and her unborn baby died at a local hospital due to the severity of their injuries. Two other passengers in the pregnant woman’s car were injured, a 17-year-old male who is expected to live and a 28-year-old female who has been reported in critical condition.

Reports show that a similar crash occurred along the same stretch of highway three years ago. Police continue to investigate why the driver in this accident was headed in the wrong direction. Records suggest that the woman had recently been arrested for theft.

Fatal accidents not only bring sorrow and grief to surviving family members, but in some cases, serious financial burdens as well. Funeral expenses and other personal costs due to the unexpected death of a loved one can add to the suffering of those involved. Texas law allows those who are eligible to file a legal claim in order to seek compensation for personal loss when a death has occurred due to the apparent negligence of another party.

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