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Texas amputee and his wife file lawsuit after auto accident

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Being on a motorcycle can be risky, especially since motorcyclists are faced with the same dangers as other motorists, in addition to motorcycle-specific dangers. The same dangers faced by all those on the roadways include dangers presented by distracted drivers and those who are otherwise negligent. The difference is that when Texas motorcyclists are involved in collisions, they often suffer injuries that are more serious than ones that someone in a car would suffer in a similar accident. This is demonstrated clearly in a case in which a motorcyclist was severely injured after being in an auto accident.

The accident occurred in 2012 when a man was riding his motorcycle as the driver of a car was driving while distracted. She allegedly turned in front of him, resulting in the man suffering serious injuries. As a result, the man and his wife have now filed a lawsuit against the driver claiming the accident caused him to have to undergo a series of painful procedures, eventually requiring him to have one of his legs amputated.

The couple claims that his injuries have caused them both to suffer enormously. In the lawsuit, they are seeking compensation that is more than jurisdictional limits. In addition, they are asking the driver to cover all court costs.

An auto accident involving a motorcycle can end with a motorcyclist suffering severe injuries. In this case, the man was left without one of his legs and is likely unable to do things he once enjoyed. The couple may receive the damages they are seeking if evidence deems that the other driver’s negligence caused the injuries. Any Texas resident involved in an auto accident rooted in negligence that resulted in injuries also has the right to seek compensation for associated losses.

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