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2 Texas drivers, 1 passenger killed in car accident

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2014 | Car Accidents |

When drivers do not pay attention, it can be dangerous and deadly for others who share the roadways. A multi-vehicle accident has occurred on a highway, killing three people and leaving one injured. The car accident ensued when one of the drivers allegedly ran a stop sign on a Texas highway.

The crash took place on a recent Saturday morning on State Highway 176. Police say that a male driver, who was headed in the southbound direction, failed to stop at a stop sign. He collided with a second vehicle that was headed in the westbound direction. Afterward, a third driver headed in the eastbound direction crashed into both of the vehicles.

The drivers of the first and second vehicles were killed along with a teenage occupant who was in the second vehicle. The driver of the third vehicle survived and was transported to the hospital for treatment. At last report, the third driver was listed as being in stable condition. No other information about this incident has been reported.

A car accident that involves death is devastating for loved ones. Surviving family members are often left with the burden of planning a funeral and withstanding burial expenses. While family members are grieving, they may have the right to seek justice on behalf of the deceased victims to possibly recover compensation by filing wrongful death claims in the Texas civil courts against the other party. Since both of the drivers are deceased, the family of the driver in the second vehicle could file a claim against the estate of the driver in the first vehicle for damages.

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