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Texas family of 4 killed in wrongful death accident

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

A police chase is believed to be the cause of a vicious accident that happened over the weekend. The driver who was fleeing from police ran a stop sign and violently crashed into a Honda sedan. The four people inside of the Honda are all now deceased in this tragic wrongful death crash.

On a recent Sunday night, officers noticed that the driver of a Dodge SUV was driving with no headlights on and was swerving. An officer attempted to pull over the driver, but he fled and exceeded speeds of 100 miles per hour. The SUV ran a stop sign, crashed into a Honda and then careened into a pole. Tragically, a husband and wife and two other occupants in the Honda were killed.

In addition, the driver of the SUV and a passenger were also killed. Authorities stated that the driver of the SUV’s speed was so fast that the officers could not keep up. Authorities also stated that this is the most catastrophic crash they have ever seen.

This car crash is undoubtedly devastating for family members and loved ones who were left behind. Now, surviving family members are left with the daunting task of making funeral arrangements for loved ones who lost their lives at the hands of someone else’s conduct. The family of the deceased has legal recourse to pursue wrongful death claims against the estate of the deceased driver. The civil court system in Texas may award damages if evidence demonstrates that the driver operated in a negligent manner that resulted in deaths.

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