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Man killed in alleged hit-and-run car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A car crash has resulted in the death of a pedestrian after a motorist reportedly struck him. The late-night car accident reportedly involved a hit-and-run driver who did not stop to render aid after hitting the pedestrian. Texas authorities are asking for anyone with information on the accident to step forward.

Authorities allege that a 61-year-old male pedestrian was struck by a motorist while he was crossing the street and seriously injured. The motorist allegedly never bothered to stop and fled the scene. Medics arrived at the crash site and transported the pedestrian to the hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

The vehicle has been described as a silver-colored SUV. The public has been asked to contact a tip line for any information regarding the deadly accident. No other details regarding this matter have been reported.

This deadly car accident has led an unsuspecting victim to his untimely death. Surviving family members of the deceased are likely grieving their loss and may want answers as to what exactly happened. If the driver is located, he or she may face criminal penalties and may also have to face litigation in a civil courtroom. The family of the deceased may have the right to start the process of a wrongful death claim against the driver allegedly responsible for the tragedy. The civil court system in Texas may award damages to the family if evidence deems the alleged hit-and-run driver was negligent in a way that caused the accident and the death that resulted.

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