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Texas lawsuit filed in drunk driving accident in Jefferson County

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2013 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

A man and a woman are being sued by an accident victim as a result of injuries suffered in a Jefferson County collision. The man is said to have driven the woman’s car because she was too intoxicated to drive. He reportedly drove the car out of his lane on a local roadway and toward oncoming traffic. As the driver swerved the car, he collided with a car coming in the opposite direction. The negligence complaint asserts that the driver was engaging in drunk driving.

According to a Texas police officer who was at the scene of accident, the driver was intoxicated. The officer claims the accident was directly attributable to the driver’s level of intoxication. The news report did not indicate if field sobriety testing or a breath test was administered in the aftermath of the collision.

The victim suffered injuries to his neck, lower back and the rest of his body as a result of the accident. His car was also damaged. He seeks financial redress for his personal injuries and to repair the damages to his vehicle. The actual amount of damages sought was not disclosed in the court filing.

Texas drunk driving accidents are among the worst types of car accidents. A person who drives while intoxicated is not in the right mental capacity to drive responsibly. One person’s negligence can cause accidents that leaves irreversible pain and suffering to many victims. Our civil court system adjudicates claims for reimbursement of financial damages sustained by accident victims. A successful litigation could result in funds to pay for medical care and property damage, as well as a quantifiable amount for a victim’s pain and suffering related to the injuries.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Drunk driving accident leads to lawsuit, Thomas Kallies, Nov. 26, 2013