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Crash results in potentially wrongful death on Texas Interstate

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

Texas drivers are unfortunately aware that fatal car accidents can happen spontaneously and without warning. With such high speeds involved, one small distraction or lapse in judgment can turn what was once a comfortable cruise into a fatal tragedy even on a clear and sunny afternoon. When large trucks and multiple smaller vehicles are involved, the result can be devastating and ultimately lead to a wrongful death lawsuit.

A sizeable truck impacted two other motor vehicles, a Honda and a Ford Pickup, when the driver of the truck crossed the road’s dividing wall. The accident occurred while the truck was heading east down a sharp incline and the driver apparently lost control. The driver of the large truck was seriously harmed, and four people were killed in the auto accident including the driver of the Ford and the driver of the Honda as well as two of its passengers. Two other people were seriously injured.

Police are currently investigating the nature of the accident. Because the roads were not wet and the weather conditions were normal, authorities must consider if the driver of the truck is at fault in some way. Police may also want to consider if the driver has a history of reckless driving or perhaps may have been distracted in some other manner.

In Texas, a motor vehicle accident on this scale can have devastating consequences. If the evidence confirms that the truck driver is indeed at fault, then there may be the possibility of those injured making a personal injury claim. If the truck driver’s own negligence is determined to be a factor of the fatal car accident, then the families of the deceased may even wish to push for a wrongful death claim.

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