Do You Have A Whistleblower Qui Tam Case?

Skilled Legal Counsel To Report Fraud Under The False Claims Act

Do you have knowledge of fraud committed against a U.S. governmental agency? As a private citizen, you can file a lawsuit on behalf of the government against the wrongdoer, whether it is an individual or a business. We can help.

At Leigh Law Firm in The Woodlands, we help people understand their rights and obligations under the False Claims Act to pursue successful claims.

The federal False Claims Act allows someone, known as a whistleblower or relator, to file a lawsuit against a person or organization for defrauding the government. These are called qui tam actions, and there is an incentive to file one. Whistleblowers are eligible to receive 15 to 25 percent of any resulting settlement.

What Do You Risk By Blowing The Whistle?

Many people who have knowledge of fraud — whether it is Medicare or Medicaid fraud, defense contractor fraud or financial industry fraud — fear retaliation. They are scared to report the wrongdoers or file a qui tam claim because their livelihood could be on the line.

It is important to remember that your employer does not have the right to retaliate against you for reporting fraud. Retaliation includes suspension, firing, demotion, harassment or any other adverse action that affects your employment.

Additionally, when you file a qui tam lawsuit, it is filed under a seal for 60 days. This means it is kept confidential from everyone but the government. Not even the person or business being sued is told about the lawsuit. Courts are likely to extend the seal several times, but if the government decides to join the case, it will be unsealed.

We can meet with you privately to discuss your legal concerns and help you determine whether it would be wise to pursue a qui tam action. There is no charge for such a consultation.

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We take a hands-on approach to protecting our clients' interests at Leigh Law Firm. Our lawyers know that your qui tam claim may be your first experience in the legal system, and we will prioritize ensuring that you understand your options and protecting your rights at all times.

Qui tam cases are very complex by nature, and these types of cases are where we excel. We have gone up against some of the biggest companies and law firms in the country and won great results for our clients. When you work with our attorneys, you can feel confident that you are in capable hands and that we will use our experience and talents to reach the best outcome for you.

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